Monday, August 20, 2007

MJS at Burkee/Walz Campaign Roll-out

Graphs of note:

Both candidates acknowledge the reality that no collective "we" can go to Washington, but say that the campaign isn't about individual victory. Certainly it has attracted media attention, including The New York Times and, at Sunday's rally, a video cameraman filming for NBC's "Today" show.

It also makes for some unusual twists in campaign finance. Cash contributions - legally limited to $50 per donor or $100 per family - will be split equally if neither candidate is designated.


Burkee and Walz also plan to sign a pledge - "A Pact with the People" - to refuse all political action committee and special interest money. They will not use negative or personal attack ads. If elected, they will not accept large lobbyist gifts, will stick to their budget pledge and limit themselves to no more than three terms in office.

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