Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wherein We Suffer From Delusions of Grandeur

I was sort of wondering why the NW didn't bring the Omachinski issue up earlier, but I guess they were just saving it for the Sunday edition:

Palmeri is entitled to his views about globalization and his "No" vote. Directly tying Omachinski to human rights violations is flat out wrong, the worst kind of guilt by association tactic.


Yet, last week, he was wrongly vilified for his willingness to step up, be counted and help his community. Omachinski was kicked to the curb by his city council. It was a horrible decision with a horrible message sent by Palmeri and sycophants Dennis McHugh and Paul Esslinger.

Ouch... I think a more accurate word to describe McHugh and Esslinger would be "enablers," but I'm not exactly irritated that "sycophants" was used.

But here's the graph that caught my attention:

The Oshkosh Common Council should reconsider his appointment to the RDA given Omachinski was denied the fundamental right to due process. Mayor Frank Tower, who makes nominations for city panels, should provide Omachinski an opportunity to defend himself and correct the record. Omachinski, understandably, might decline, but fairness demands he be given such an opportunity after he essentially was publicly tried and convicted by a kangaroo court without the right to confront his accusers who admitted they did not know him.

Is someone at the NW reading the Chief?

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