Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coach vs. Gov.

This is an absolutely fascinating list that compares the salaries of head coaches at major state flagship universities with the governors of that state. For example, here's Wisconsin:

Gov: Jim Doyle, $137,000

HPC: Bret Bielema, Wisconsin football, $1.3 million

... Wherein HPC stands for "highest paid coach."

There's a million things to be said about this list, but I'm going to go for one of the more banal observations and point out the states whose football program didn't make the cut:


Gov: Sarah Palin, $125,000

HPC: Dave Shyiak, Alaska-Anchorage ice hockey, $112,000

(NOTE: There is no college football in Alaska)



Gov: Jim Douglas, $144,000

HPC: Mike Lonergan, Vermont men’s basketball, $150,000

(NOTE: Vermont has no state-funded college football teams)

[via SE]

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