Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Burkee/Walz: Getting Retro

In an effort that in no way, shape or form resembles Newt Gingrich's famous Contract with America, Team Burkee/Walz have signed a "Pact with the People" proving once and for all that bipartisanship = alliteration.

Here's the text of the Pact:

  1. Fiscal Responsibility. I pledge that as your representative in Congress I will not, during times of economic growth, vote in favor of any legislation that relies on deficit spending. I will also support a Constitutional Balanced Budget Amendment.
  2. Term Limits. I pledge that, if elected, I will serve no more than three consecutive terms.
  3. No Lobbyist Gifts. I pledge that, if elected, I will refuse any financial gifts from lobbyists or other organizations, including meals, travel and lodging.
  4. Daily Debates. I pledge that, if I win my party’s nomination, I will debate my opponent at least once each day that I am in the district during the campaign.
  5. Issue-Oriented Campaigning. I pledge that, in the course of the campaign, I will not run negative ads or engage in personal attacks against my opponent.
  6. No PAC Money. I pledge that I will only accept contributions from individuals to my campaign and will reject any support from political action committees or other outside organizations.
Cynics will call this stuff a gimmick, but guess what: it's worked before.

Ball's in your court, Tex.

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