Thursday, August 23, 2007

Maybe He was Just Speaking French?

I admit it: I, too, am susceptible to the occasional giddy thrill that accompanies trashy gossip. For most people this comes via movies stars and assorted celebrities, but I prefer to get me kicks from Eastern seaboard elites. Why? Because even the slightest deviation from their rather rigid social protocol automatically becomes a magnificent comedy of manners.

Case in point:

Over on the Upper East Side, there's a funny little tempest going on between the principal of the fancy bilingual Lycée Français and the parents of two children enrolled there. Apparently the principal, Yves Thézé, who seems like a paranoid, controlling sort, got it into his head that the mother of these children had sent some anonymous hate mail to him about the school, and informed the parents that their children would no longer be welcome at the school...Well, except then they relented. And the same might happen with the Lycée kids, because the parents are suing the school. The Observer tried to get to the bottom of the mess and were met with a fantastic response.
Several calls from the Transom to the Lycée's lawyer, Shelley Kehl, were not returned; nor were repeated calls to Mr. Cunha. When Mr. Thézé was finally reached by phone, the head of school breathed heavily into the receiver for a few moments before abruptly hanging up.
Now that's comedy!

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