Friday, August 17, 2007

Burkee/Walz Strikes Fear into the Hearts of the Opposition

Josh Schroeder points out that Jim Sensenbrenner has discovered the wonderful world of information technology consulting and has a redesigned web site up.

This is something of a disappointment to us because we just looooooooved his old site, which looked like it was constructed by a recovering computer science major who defected to the art history department after failing Intro to Web Design.


Schroeder brings up a good point about the timing of this capital investment in the campaign's online infrastructure: Sensenbrenner's site had not been updated in eons (and boy did it show). This, of course, leads one to ask: is Sensenbrenner afraid that the Burkee/Walz campaign will make him work a little harder than he's used to next year? Or did he just catch a killer power point presentation on the value of a good-looking web page at a GOP retreat at the Greenbrier this summer?

Only time will tell.

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