Sunday, August 26, 2007

Allawi on CNN

Iyad Allawi was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer this morning, who took note of the David Ignatius op-ed we relayed yesterday and asked him where the money to finance his contract with BGR was coming from:

While the BGR-Allawi contract calls for Allawi to make $50,000-a-month payments over six months, Allawi said the money wasn't his own but instead was coming from an Iraqi supporter of Allawi's Iraqi National Accord political party.

Allawi refused to identify the financial supporter by name.

Allawi said he'd return to Iraq in the days ahead to press his "fight for our country."

The whole Allawi-Maliki mess brings up an interesting point that is actually being talked about on CNN even as I type: is a democracy even possible under the current circumstances in Iraq? There are several U.S. military personal -- in uniform -- openly saying they doubt it on the record.

That's extraordinary.

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