Sunday, January 13, 2008

The World's Oldest Profession

Accountants take note: should you come across the phrase "fruit and flowers" whilst processing the company expense reports, please be aware that the expression is a euphemism for "hookers and coke."

And for more reasons why the music industry in general, and EMI in particular, is screwed, go here.

And while we're on the subject of hookers, there's some fascinating research on the economics of prostitution in Chicago out by Freakanomics impresario Steven Levitt. Some of the more interesting findings:

* "[P]rostitutes get officially arrested only once per 450 tricks or so."

* "[R]oughly 3 percent of all tricks performed by prostitutes who aren't working with pimps are freebies given to police to avoid arrest."

* 1 in 20 tricks are supplied to gang members for their protection services.
* Hookers who work for a pimp earned 25% more in, um, wages than "free agents."

*"Women who work with pimps are much less likely to be injured by customers; one of the services provided by pimps is protection. Pimps, however, hurt their prostitutes enough to roughly equalize the number of injuries."
So I guess this post has been for both accountants and guidance councilors ...

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