Sunday, January 6, 2008

An Obama Reader

Some of the best long form journalism this year has been about Barack Obama and his campaign for the White House. Below is just a sample. Any one of these by themselves is worth a read.
* "The Agitator," by Ryan Lizza; The New Republic, 19 March 2007

* "Money Chooses Sides," by John Heilemann; New York Magazine, 16 April 2007

* "The Conciliator," by Larissa MacFarquhar; The New Yorker, 7 May 2007

* "The Speech," by David Bernstein; Chicago, June 2007

* "A Series of Fortunate Events," by Liza Mundy; The Washington Post Magazine, 12 August 2007

* "Dreaming of Obama," by Jennifer Senior; New York Magazine, 25 September 2007

* "Above the Fray," by Ryan Lizza; GQ

* "When They Were Young," by John Heilemann; New York Magazine, 15 October 2007

* "Is (His) Biography (Our) Destiny?" by James Traub; The New York Times Magazine; 4 November 2007

* "The Relaunch," by Ryan Lizza; The New Yorker, 26 November 2007

* "Goodbye to All That," by Andrew Sullivan; The Atlantic Monthly, December 2007

* "Saint Barack of Iowa," by Stephen Hayes; The Weekly Standard, 17 December 2007

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