Monday, January 14, 2008

The (Hypothetical) Smoking Ban Works!

All you haters out there, all the mofo's who think the smoking ban is a bad idea, suck on this:

From a Financial Times interview published Friday:

“After the drinks arrive I offer Hitchens one of my Marlboro Lights. Then something life-changing happens. Cool as a cucumber — and with no hint of remorse — Hitchens announces that he has given up smoking. “I got up yesterday morning in Madison, Wisconsin, and I just threw my pack away,” he says.
I actually just read this in the hard copy of FT (which takes a few business days to get to the Kosh), but if the goddamn Badger State can inspire no less than Christopher Motherfucking Hitchens to quit smoking* ... then there is hope for us all.

* [Void where prohibited. Offer not valid in Tennessee or Mississippi. Rules do not apply with regard to Mark Twain's aphorism about smoking.]

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