Friday, January 4, 2008

The Aftermath

Steve Clemons with a salacious behind-the-scenes look at the Clinton campaign:

Another bit of news that I received -- and I'll be honest -- it confuses me. . .is that Bill Clinton has been pushing behind the scenes for months for Hillary to be the "optimist." He wanted a feel good campaign -- based on generating optimism in the future, rebuilding "trust" at home and "trust" abroad. Various folks I have chatted with tell me that some of the deep insiders near Clinton snickered behind the former President's back and pushed Hillary toward a tone of "heavy times" and seriousness.

And, even better, Clemons describes the scene following the caucuses:

One other item, I learned that just before Hillary Clinton went out to give her speech last night -- she lined up her team, her key advisers -- and was told that it seemed like the "paint was peeling off the walls."

I didn't quite know what that meant actually -- but I've learned since that it meant the room was tense and Hillary was pissed.

MORE: Oh no ... looks like no one is listening to Bill ...

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