Saturday, August 4, 2007

There's More Business Like Show Business!

Don't get me wrong -- I love the occasional movie with minimal plot and maximum explosions -- but this is a welcome development:

"The business for independent film is so good right now," says Bob Berney, president of Picturehouse, which released this summer's "La Vie en Rose." "Even the multiplexes are playing these kinds of films now." Why? Since 2004, the number of movie tickets sold to teenagers has dropped by 82 million, presumably because today's teens have built entertainment empires in their bedrooms.

Several weeks ago one of the major weeklies noted the resurgence of the comedy has been a consequence of TV sit-com writers moving to film now that "reality" programming has made their jobs obsolete. I know that's not what this article necessarily means by having an entertainment empire in a bedroom, but if movie-makers don't have to concentrate so much on catering to an audience that feeds off of formulas then maybe Hollywood is creating an environment that encourages the making of complicated and/or otherwise risky movies. Maybe we're even in for minor revolution in cinema?

Cross your fingers because I'm getting sick and tired of seeing half the screens at the movie theater occupied by horror movies.

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