Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Call, I Hammer

Well ... just ... well, damn!

If I were a legislator arguing in favor of tort reform, I would go to Kinko's, blow this image up to about, say, 5' x 12', display it before all of my colleagues and simply say: "Q.E.D., bitches ... Q.E.D."

Oh, but it gets better!

If you are an intrepid soul, I encourage you to go here and view two of the most astonishing TV commercials ever made.

Some sample dialog:

I can not rip out the hearts of those that hurt you.
I can not hand you their severed heads.
But I can hunt them down and settle the score!
I'll squeeze them for every dime I can!
Every single dime!
I'm Jim "The Hammer" Shapiro!
But I can not proceed until you call!
You call, I hammer!

That number's totally going into my speed dial ...

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