Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is astonishing:

However, the U-2 -which came into use in the mid-1950s—can still claim some unique abilities. Unlike a satellite, it can fly over an area for a while, allowing it to track insurgents’ movements in Afghanistan and Iraq. Unlike low-altitude drones, the U-2 can’t be heard by the people it is observing. Thanks to these and other qualities,the number of U-2 missions flown has increased 20% in the past two years. It has been used to detect improvised explosive devices along Iraq’s roads and supplied 88% of all battlefield imagery in Iraq. Twenty-eight of the planes are flying active missions.

(Emphasis added)

88%! With all the billions spent on satellite imagery we're still relying on the U-2 to get the job done?

I suppose I should be outraged at what appears to be a misallocation of government funds, but I'm actually more impressed at just how bad-ass the U-2 is.

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