Monday, September 17, 2007

MRAP Shelf Life

The Armchair Generalist makes an interesting point about the continued utility of MRAPs that have been hit in roadside attacks; namely, that there isn't any:

I don't agree that MRAPs are the answer (surprise, surpise). Good news up front - MRAPs work to protect US personnel from really big blasts - once. Bad news - our troops aren't being killed only by IEDs and EFPs, and the violence isn't going down. No matter how many MRAPs get into theater, we're still going to lose 60-90 soldiers and Marines a month as long as the Iraqis are fighting each other and us. Thus, although buying a few thousand MRAPs makes sense, buying 17,000 MRAPs into 2010 does not.

Read the whole thing. The AG says we should learn from the British example and makes a good case for their methods.

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