Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rummy to the Hudson Inst.

Donald Rumsfeld apparently wants to get the hell out of the Washington. He's taken a "distinguished" visiting fellowship at Stanford's Hudson Institute.

There are plenty of conservative and neocon think tanks in DC -- near the Rummy retirement manor on Maryland's eastern shore (where his neighbor is, I shit you not, Dick Cheney) -- that would love to have him on their payrolls for fund raising purposes, so choosing a West Coast address to sit back and write his memoirs is probably a good indication that (a.) he wants to work on his tan, or (b.) his invites to all the cool parties are getting lost in the mail.

SEMI-RELATED ASIDE: Speaking of think tank-type places, this is a not-so bold prediction that I should have written about earlier, but you know how things are. Remember how Scooter Libby got fined $250,000? I'll bet that next year he wins the the Bradley Prize, the monetary reward for which is, coincidentally, $250,000.

To the best of my knowledge, you heard it here first.

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