Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BG&R Gets a New Client

And said client is getting a pretty good deal for what is usually some high-priced lobbying:

The lobbying by Barbour Griffith & Rogers is raising eyebrows on K Street and among American Indian groups in part because of the unusual client and payment arrangements. Instead of listing the tribe, the Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, as its client, BGR lists a little-known Texas lobbying firm, Hard Count Inc. And disclosure forms, along with the client’s comments, show that BGR is working for a fraction of its usual fee.

The firm typically charges from $15,000 to $50,000 and more per month for its lobbying services.


On the firm’s lobbying disclosure form for the first six months of 2007, BGR reported earning less than $10,000 for its work, which began some time around April. At issue is a 25-year battle by the Juaneno band to be recognized by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Maybe they had a coupon?

Or maybe the first name on BG&R's letterhead (that would be Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour) knows a thing or two about gaming (see Biloxi)?

Take your pick.

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