Friday, September 21, 2007

Oshkosh Forum, Vol. I

Councilmen Esslinger and McHugh are looking to put an advisory referendum on the April ballot that asks voters if they want a change in the council-manager form of municipal government. From the NW:

Councilors Paul Esslinger and Dennis McHugh announced Thursday that they are asking the council to put an advisory referendum on the April ballot asking voters to select their preference from among four choices of government structures, including an elected mayor, with councilors either elected at-large or from districts, or keeping the council-manager system as is.

"The most important piece of this is giving people the opportunity to speak about government in Oshkosh," Esslinger said.

An advisory referendum is not binding, but would give the council input on what form of government citizens may prefer.

Good idea or bad?

Will this impair the search for a new city manager? Does this make the search for an acting city manager more important? Is this move in response to ground swell of public sentiment for a change in government? Are "the people" really getting much of a say when the resolution is non-binding? Would commissioning a series of public opinion polls be more expedient? How will the discussion of this issue proceed? How should the discussion of this issue proceed?

Go nuts ...

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