Friday, September 28, 2007

Fringe Candidates

These are the results of a straw poll taken by, get this, the South Carolina state Christian right group Palmetto Family Council:

Huckabee 206
Paul 179
Thompson 43
Brownback 29
Hunter 25
Romney 14
Gilbert 12
McCain 10
Cort 7
Giuliani 5

Forget the fact that Ron Paul came in a close second to an ordained minister for a minute and ask yourself the next obvious question: who the hell is this candidate who calls himself "Cort" and why is he beating Giuliani?

Well, Dr. Hugh Cort III is apparently running for president with a media strategy that clearly hasn't gotten a lot of attention. His website doesn't really say much of anything except that he's a Jesus-loving, abortion-hating dude who doesn't care for the gays. Oh, and there's this bit:

On national defense it is important you know I am an internationally recognized counter-terrorism expert. I travel the country speaking about terrorism and how we must stop it. National security is the number one issue facing this country and I am the one candidate with the expertise to ensure the safety of you and your family.

I don't know what qualifies this guy to claim that he's an expert on counter-terrorism, but I would imagine that the terrorism web site he runs probably doesn't help any claim to expertise.

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