Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dennis Ehrenberg Would Make an Awful Businessman

I missed this yesterday:

Oshkosh Truck is big loser in deal with Chinese

It's depressing that Oshkosh Truck is celebrating the sale of one of their premiere Fire Trucks, with spare parts, to the Chinese communists. Unfortunately, that celebration will be short lived because they will suffer drastic negative consequences to that foolish giveaway. The Chinese communists are well known for pirating American technology.

Following their usual business practices, within a year they will have disassembled that high-tech Fire Truck, manufactured duplicates and will be selling their versions to willing buyers around the world. Greedy American businesses have already sold them the machinery and equipment to do it. With their cheap labor, they will drastically undercut Oshkosh Truck's pricing and there's nothing they will be able to do about it. Oshkosh Truck and Oshkosh itself will be the big losers in that naive transaction.

Dennis Ehrenberg Oshkosh

There's a certain degree of risk associated with piracy inherent in every business transaction, and when dealing with China there tends to be more than with others, but what's the alternative? No, we don't want your millions of dollars in business. Please take it elsewhere? That's absurd.

China specializes in making products that can be mass produced. Specialty trucks, like airport fire trucks, don't fit that mold.

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quid pro quo said...

I agree with your response wholeheartedly. If China wanted to build a truck similar to that made by Oshkosh Truck, don't you think they would just buy one and ship it over? Then they could dissect it to their heart's content, and have all of the info they want.