Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did the Chicago City Council Just Jinx the Cubs?

Sure looks like it!

Listen, if anyone should know this, it should be Cubs fans: When you're in the middle of a pennant race, you never (never ever never ever ever ever never ever) make like it's a sure thing. You go out, give 110%, play one game at a time and hope the good Lord finds your heart worthy. This is especially true if your team is "cursed."

So what, in God's name, are the Chicago Cubs doing giving play-off tickets to city alderman before the Cubs have clinched the division?

Nevermind the sketchiness of handing valuable tickets over to influential people -- there are cosmic rules at play here, rules the Cubs are flying right in the face of, rules the Cubs should be all too familiar with by now ... You just ... You can't ... You don't screw with curses during a pennant race!

Anyway ... Moral of the Story: If the Cubs happen to blow their lead over the Brewers during these last three games, they'll have no one to blame but their own elected officials.

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