Friday, December 7, 2007

Shilling for Local Talent

Trying to negotiate a bout of insomnia late last night, I decided to venture off the beaten path of the Oshkosh blogosphere to see what I could find. The results were largely, but not surprisingly, disappointing -- most blogs were abandoned before they ever really got started. However, there were a few notable exceptions:

* First up is Johnny Ringo (which I refuse to believe is a pseudonym), the proprietor of Ringo's World a blog that leaves the reader asking his or herself, "Dude, where have you been?"

Mr. Ringo, jump in this pool!

Seriously, I don't think I agree with the substance of anything this guy says, but I like the way he says it. Hopefully Mr. Ringo can be coaxed into offering his opinion on local issues because I have a feeling he can offer a unique perspective on community events.

* Next is someone who goes by the handle ~V, which I can only assume is short for Vicki given that the name of the blog is The Art of Vicki. (As you can clearly tell, my skills of deduction have been finely honed over the years.) Vicki's an art student at UW-O with some serious painting chops whose work has apparently been featured at the New Moon (featured below). A few samples of her wares:Not bad, right? Anyway, there's more where that came from at her blog.

* If you're looking to dabble in the underground Oshkosh Trash Metal Scene, get thee to The Heft's little number Attention Deficit Destroyer. There are many pictures of ill kempt metal heads drinking and rocking out with guitars that look like this:

* And, finally, two New Yorkers who have been sentenced to wander the hinterlands for a period of time as UW-O professors. Their adventures can be followed at the very cleverly named blog Curdistan.

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