Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alan Keyes ...

What Chuck Todd said.

MORE: Thank God -- others are just as miffed that Keyes made the cut; see K-Lo, the American Spectator, and the Wall Street Journal, which lists the invitation criteria as follows:

While Keyes gets to participate today, Democrats Mike Gravel and Rep. Dennis Kucinich didn’t meet the criteria to participate in tomorrow’s Democratic debate. To attend, candidates had to have a Federal Election Commission statement of candidacy, Iowa staff on ground as of Oct. 1 and polling of at least at 1% in the Des Moines Register poll.

CORRECTION: Turns out the Wall Street Journal and a number of other new outlets got this one wrong. I was watching C-SPAN and one for the political reporters from the Des Moines Register (who is not David Yepsen) noted that to qualify for the debate a candidate need to have an Iowa headquarters and staff in the field or 1% of support in the DMR poll. Kucinich and Gravel have neither. Keyes actually came in third in Iowa in 2000, so there are some people who not only remember him, but are still willing to vote for him.

MORE: From Christian Schneider.

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