Thursday, December 13, 2007

Seriously? That was Fred Thompson's Best Moment?

I don't know if Charlie Sykes has hopped aboard the Thompson bandwagon, but if he believes that Fred's best moment of this campaign was when he stood up to an Iowan debate moderator who was clearly out of her league yesterday over whether or not he wanted to raise his hand, well the Thompson run is dead in the water.

Honestly, his best moment was during a debate that aired in the middle of a Wednesday and was universally denounced for being boring as sin? Is this Thompson supporters' idea of peaking?

If Thompson looked so strong, why did he choose to confront the weakest person on stage? He had a target rich environment with which to confront his opponents ... Instead he jokes with Mitt Romney, lets Giuliani get away with his conservative heresies, seems oblivious to the the front running Huckabee, ignores the obnoxious Alan Keyes and doesn't even lay a finger on the Paul-Tancredo-Hunter axis of insanity ...

But that moderator -- boy, she got what was coming to her!

MORE: Jesus! -- This is an actual comment from B&S on the same video:

Awesome - that’s the kind of leadership needed - refusing to give a soundbite when a real answer is needed.

For the love of God ...

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