Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fred Thompson is a Trophy Husband

That's my new talking point. I have no evidence to back this up -- it's coming straight from the gut, but I'm going to run with it.

Fred Thompson is a trophy husband.

He didn't want to run for the White House -- his wife wanted him to, and what she says goes. Jeri's the one calling the shots behind the scenes, she's the one basically doing all the campaigning on the trail (when there actually is campaigning). She's the one with the ambition, not Fred.

This is merely an item on Fred's honey-do list: walk the dog, pick up some milk at the grocery store, run for president, stop by the pharmacy, etc. -- and like all men, Fred Thompson is just sleep walking through this without an ounce of enthusiasm because he knows if he doesn't there will be no sex for a month. And just like any husband assigned to do tasks he does not want to do he is looking for any excuse to get out of doing them.

Thompson just wants this whole thing over so he tell his wife "Well, dear, I gave it my best shot," and he can go back to drinking on the front porch with the boys. I bet she'll be plenty pissed when this embarrassment is over and it wouldn't surprise me if this does irreparable damage to their marriage -- if you catch my drift.

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