Monday, December 10, 2007


So Democrats throw a fit every time Republicans refer to them as the "Democrat Party" and Republicans seem to enjoy nothing more them needling their opposition in just this fashion. One of things that appears to aggravate Democrats just as much as the intended slight is th fact that there does not seem to be a way for them to reciprocate the insult. You can't really call the GOP the "Republic Party" without sounding absurd and "repubs" sounds to close to retards to work as a subtle jab ...

But this one is just too rich to not pass along, especially since it comes from someone who is fairly obviously a Republican, so one can only hope it starts to catch on ... Anyway, I think it would be absolutely hilarious if, for now on, people who want to refer to Republicans in a derisive way started calling them the Pubbies.

Oh, I know damn well what it sounds like, which is frankly one of the reasons I find it so frickin funny ... so feel free to use the phrase liberally (as it were).


CJ said...

Reb Puppies and Demmy Cats.

Or just plain ol' Pubbies and Demmys.

I like it.

Dad29 said...


I'm a Conservative.

Occasionally I speak with Republicans--and Democrats!