Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Badger Poll on Health Care in Wisco

From the NW:

A larger majority - 61 percent - said in the poll that they support encouraging people to put money into tax-free health savings accounts that would help pay for health care costs. [...]

Seventy-two percent favor requiring all people to have insurance, either from their employer or another source. And 82 percent support expanding existing state health insurance programs for low-income people.


The poll also found that:

*18 percent of respondents said health care issues and concerns are the most important problem facing the state today.

*28 percent said they were dissatisfied with the current system, while 56 percent said they had mixed feelings. Only 15 percent said they were satisfied.

*50 percent said the state’s health care system had major problems, 35 percent said there were minor problems, 12 percent said it was in a state of chaos and 2 percent said there are no problems.

For more see the UW Survey Center.

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