Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fred Thompson: Empty Suit

Michael Crowley in TNR:

Jeri Thompson isn't with her husband in Iowa this week, but perhaps she should be; his much-discussed young wife has proven herself to be a more adept campaigner throughout the campaign. In a memorable moment at a fire station last week, Jeri charmingly donned a fire captain's helmet after Fred--perhaps fearing an embarrassing photo, but looking like a stick in the mud--refused to put one on. She also recently toured South Carolina on her own, and has blitzed conservative talk-radio shows, sometimes appearing on several in a day. It's enough to make some people wonder whether Fred Thompson's candidacy won't seem, in hindsight, like a platform for Jeri Thompson's future ambitions. (Although her instincts still aren't perfect: One Iowan recounted the way Jeri appeared wildly overdressed, in a beret and expensive dress, at a recent downscale political gathering.) Indeed, the more Thompson campaigns at low octane, the more plausible the theory that Jeri pushed him into running becomes.

(emphasis added)

I think my favorite part of the election so far has been busting on the pathetic Fred Thompson campaign, so I may as well get in as much as I can before he calls it quits -- almost certainly no later than after he bombs in South Carolina, even though Crowley's article makes it sound like he's headed for the exits sooner.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Fred Thompson is a trophy husband.

That will be all.

MORE: I was wrong, that will not be all ...

Really? If anyone was asked during a job interview why they wanted the job they were applying for and the answer was "Well, I don't really want the job all that much," he'd be shown the door immediately.

MORE STILL: Peter Robinson at NRO should be embarrassed by this pitiful shilling masked as faux-analysis.

Dude, Fred sucks. Get over it.

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