Friday, December 28, 2007

End of the Year Honors

Congratulations are in order to Jeff Mayers of, who has been named by the Washington Post's Chris Cilliza as the best state political reporter in Wisconsin. He's in some good company -- Paul Burka, Dick Polman and David Yepsen all make the cut.

Interestingly, Mayers is the only reporter on The Fix's list to be aligned with a dot com. That doesn't necessarily mean that he's the only honoree working for an primarily internet-based enterprise, but even a cursory glance is enough to notice that most of the reporters work for traditional newspapers.

I wonder what that says about the state of the media in Wisconsin ...

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grumps said...

Paul Burka is spending a great deal of his effort online anymore but he still draws his pay from a dead-tree enterprise,

I'm not sure why I've never considered him and Mayers to be peers. I may have to rethink for the New Year.