Thursday, December 13, 2007

Adventures in Free Association

One of my favorite bands when I was an impetuous young whippersnapper was the Minutemen, and it pains me to see that name used for purposes (and here) that are not only antithetical to the music of the band, but which also offend me.

So I propose that when people refer to the awesome band from San Pedro, California they continue to call them by their given name: the Minutemen. But when folks want to refer to the right-wing boarder fetishists, they refer to that crowd henceforth as Los Hombres Minuto.

Now, I know Spanish can be a mouthful for many English speakers, so to accommodate the linguistically challenged I would be happy to shorten Los Hombres Minuto to simply Menudo.

There. All, now, seems right with the world.

End communication.

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