Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why are Conservative Young Professionals of Milwaukee Inviting Paranoid Nutjobs to their Functions?

The Conservative Young Professionals of Milwaukee have apparently given conspiracy theorist and overall whack-job "Capt. Karl" a "special invite" to their get-together at an upcoming Admirals game:
On Friday night February 12th there is a Conservative Young Professionals (CYP) event celebrating President Lincoln's Birthday. They have tickets for an Admirals Hocky Game that they will be attending the evening before this NCCS seminar. The CYP are a group of great Conservative persons that especially young upcoming businessmen/women and professionals ought to rub elbows with and gain important contacts. I will be attending both as I have a special invite by the CYP to attend the celebration at The Bradley Center. If you want to do this we could book a block of rooms together. RSVP soon for both events!
Capt. Karl is the guy who recently had child protective services take custody of his children because his wife, who then moved into a "domestic violence services" facility, thought his lunatic conspiracy theories made him a "a threat to all of mankind" (his words, not mine).

Was Phil Zimmermann not available?

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