Friday, January 8, 2010

City Council Meeting Live Blogging: Next Tuesday!

Since we haven't done one of these in a while we'll be hosting a live blog during the next council proceedings. Next Tuesday seems to be setting itself up as a ripe opportunity for grandstanding over the recent CIA black op deer cull, possible crazy citizen comments over the the Houseboat, and the usual bitching and moaning over snow removal following a big storm.

It should be civic discourse at its absolute worst -- and a ton of fun!

We know the council members get wifi from their bench at City Hall, so think of this as the only way to provide instant feedback to your local elected officials!

Everyone's welcome to participate. Tell your friends. You can watch on TV or listen on the radio and vent online. Last time we did this we had close to 12 people participate. Let's see if we can bring that number up to 20.

Tuesday, January 12th. Pregame starts at 5:45 PM. Show starts at 6:00. Participants are encouraged to drink heavily in the privacy of their own homes.


Main Street Oshkosh said...

Most excellent! We look forward to it!

Jb said...

Spread the word!

Blast your email address book!

The more the merrier!

CJ said...

Be there or be square.