Thursday, January 28, 2010

Behold, the 2nd Most Incompetent Break-in of the Week


Police were told the man, 27, entered the Lusty Lady through the front door backwards and entered stall No. 7. Police said he climbed through the ceiling panels and onto the glass ceiling above the dance floor.

A stripper "was startled when (the man's) legs came crashing through the glass panel ceiling above her," according to the police report. "She stated before the subject fell through she had heard what she thought was kicking or pounding above her head."

Yes, they do have a glass ceiling at the strip club.

[via SEM]


CJ said...

Incompetence is rampant!

For your enjoyment:

Please do a little thingy on those. I got home late, fixed a martini, started reading and laughed my you know what off.

Jb said...

My favorite is "Sweet Pee."

CJ said...

"Sweet Pee" and "coment below" are mine.