Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dr. Phil Zimmermann: Raging Truther & AFP Health Care "Expert"

Here's some more 9/11 wisdom from Dr. Phil Zimmermann, Americans for Prosperity's go-to guy in the health care debate here in Wisconsin:
After being elected through the democratic process in 1933, Hitler burned his own Reichstag and used the attack to push through the Enabling Act which suspended civil liberties and lead to the horrors of what we know as Nazi Germany. An eerily similar sequence of events has transpired in the United States. There is significant evidence that the 9/11 attacks did not take place the way the government claims.

(emphasis added)
As if the bolded line above weren't enough of a smoking gun already, the comparison to the Reichstag arson is a vintage Truther meme.

Not surprisingly, Zimmermann is also paranoid about the Federal Reserve and genetically modified food. In other words, Zimmermann subscribes to a hodgepodge of whackjob conspiracy theories and is pooling them all together to form a "unified field theory" of secession.

This is the guy Americans for Prosperity wants to promote as an authority on health care ... which begs the question: was Kevin Barrett not available?

MORE: here.

EVEN MORE: Dr. Zimmermann replies in the comments section, I'd encourage everyone to read it.

MORE STILL: Here's our response.

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Phil said...

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share my thoughts since this post is about me. I have been accused of being a “raging truther” and a supporter of “conspiracy theories.” I believe that truth and honesty are two of the highest virtues that we can live by and I believe that we should all actively seek out the truth. So in that sense I am happy with the charge. In our modern rhetoric people use “truther” to antagonistically label someone who does not believe the official government story about 9/11. I feel that the engineering video I have linked raises a lot of very interesting questions. I don’t want to believe that there is some dark conspiracy behind the attacks, but I can’t simply ignore such compelling evidence. If anyone who has watched the video can convince me of why the claims are not true I would be happy to concede the argument and remove the link from my site.

That goes for any of the other content on the site as well. For example, our national debt is approaching $12 trillion and we have unfunded liabilities of over $62 trillion. This is a major problem and I am worried about how we will continue to provide services for people and what kind of world our children will inherit. Social Security and Medicare will not be able to function many more years if we do not address the debt. The Federal Reserve is in charge of the money supply and is intimately connected to this issue. So I am researching the Fed and hope to learn from others about the issue as well. If you have a better idea about how to address the debt I would love to hear it as I am trying to learn all I can so that we can effect positive change and deal with this difficult issue.

I believe the most pressing issue in our society is our support of militarism. We are now finishing our 8th full year of war in Afghanistan and our current president is not ending, but greatly expanding the war. The troops stay in Iraq and now we have Pakistani wedding parties getting blown to bits by predator drones. I believe that the wars were immoral under Bush and that they continue to be immoral under this administration. None of the anti-war efforts in this country have been even slightly successful. The people vote for “change” and get more of the same. I think we need to start thinking outside of the box a little. If the government does not follow the will of the people on such an important issue as war and peace, then it is not a government “of, by and for the people.” I am framing the issues around secession to show that the people ultimately have the power in this country. If the people would demand that the wars end, then the wars will end. I cant stand the news, thousands of dead American troops, hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pictures of dead children lying in the streets. Its sick. And it must end. If you have better ideas of how to stop it, let me know. But lets all get involved and do something.

This is a free country. We all have different views on issues and it is our ability to freely discuss our ideas that makes this nation strong. You can listen to and read the full text of my speech at wisconsinrepublic.org. I do not claim to be an expert on healthcare, just someone who is passionate about helping others and promoting freedom and accountable government. I am speaking out to encourage debate on the issues and learn from both the left and the right about how to best move the healthcare debate forward. AFP is certainly not promoting me as an authority on the subject. I just came and shared my thoughts with the crowd. I would be happy to hear all of your thoughts on healthcare or any other subject. Whether we are left, right or neither we can all find common ground in our desire to help others and create a better society. Best of luck to everyone as we work toward this noble goal.