Sunday, January 3, 2010

Damn, Only a Few More Weeks of Football

Packers 33
Arizona 7

Jets 37
Bengals 0

Philly 0
Dallas 24

Three blow-outs and three games we all get to see again next week!

Honestly, I don't know how the NFL has to feel about that. I'm sure when they were coming up with the schedules last season that they went through the formula of whom-plays-whom, then determined dates to maximize potential play-off implication impact, but it seems to have back fired.

There were a ton of blow-outs today: Indy 7, Buffalo 30; CHI 37, DET 23; Vikes 44, Giants 7; KC 44, Denver 24; and San Fran 28, St. Louis 6.


The scary thing is that for as wow-less as Week 17 was, it was still leaps and bounds better than this years BCS bowl season. Some of these games have been brutal to watch -- and I'm not just talking about the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl, thus far the actual BCS bowls have sucked balls as well. The Rose, Cotton, and Sugar bowls all made me want to kill myself they were so dull.

Honestly, this year has been the best argument for a play-off in college football than any in recent memory. There's little point in watching marginal teams play each other in marginal games if this is a result.


grumps said...

There were plenty of first-stringers sitting yesterday. Next week's games will be, for all intents and purposes, aginst different teams with different mindsets.

Jb said...

Naturally, but it's really no way to end an otherwise awesome season. The truly unfortunate aspect is that this is the culmination of the last three weeks of regular season play. There's been a lot of resting of players going on this last month. Maybe that's a good thing, we'll see next week, I guess.