Friday, March 13, 2009

Shorter Peter DiGaudio: Audit Me!!!

Is this guy so stupid so as to be discussing his finances like this on the internet:

And yes, we’ve gone John Galt here. I have been able to move about $5,000 in income off the books and receive compensation on a cash basis, where Uncle Barack can’t get his hands on any of it. And other Americans are doing the same thing, either reducing their own income outright or moving it off the books.

To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

All of what was mentioned above could be perfectly legal for all I know, but if I'm an IRS agent and I read someone bragging about the lengths to which they will go to not pay taxes, it might cross my mind that a few of those unmentioned lengths might not be so legal and that a "quick look" in those books might straighten all this out.

Think of it as the financial equivalent of "sexting." It's not a smart thing to do.


Jay Bullock said...

The funny thing, of course--or truly sad thing--is that DiGaudio is getting a tax break from Obama's budget. There's no way he earns $250k or more.

Rob said...

People older than 15 actually think Atlas Shrugged contains valuable information about the world! That to me has been the most surprising thing about the "Going Galt" boomlet.

P.S. Do you think "Uncle Barack" is a little bit of a racist term? I think maybe...