Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last Night's "South Park" Episode

I'm not kidding when I say this, but it might have been the most profound half hour of television I have ever watched. If you missed it, watch now.

So about half way through the episode, it occurred to me that Randy was actually trying to convince the town to "Go Galt," to withdraw from the economy by barely using it, while Kyle was "bailing out" the town by taking on his neighbors' debt.

Prove me wrong in the comments below...


Cindy Kilkenny said...

With pleasure.

First, this episode was not nearly as profound as the Disney airing the week before. Exposing the Mouse for selling sex was long overdue.

Next, you obviously don't understand the meaning of Going Galt. Have you read the book? John Galt withdrew from one mundane debt-filled economy into another, more capable and rewarding gold-standard economy. He didn't walk away from goods and services. He flew towards goods of impeccable quality and services of genuine value.

Kyle was acting the part of the child burdened with bailout debt. You remember, our little present to the next generation?

Surely you didn't miss the Messianic overtone. However, recognition for Kyle's effort was publicly usurped by Obama. (Please offer your interpretation of that!)

My favorite part in this show was the "charts" where the Treasury Secretary cut the head off a chicken and let it run around and then die on a table of words to determine the government's next thought-filled action.

Jeamy said...

In what episode in South Park TV show does Cartman say " It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation; this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation."