Sunday, March 8, 2009

Deep Thoughts from the AFP Ho-Down

The great thing about modern technology is that I no longer have to fork over the $36 registration fee to attend the Defending the American Dream summit in Milwaukee this weekend. I can read all about it from the attendees themselves.

The event was a momentous occasion. Refreshments were served:

Rep. Paul Ryan explained why he doesn’t sit on the House Foreign Affairs Committee:

Scott Walker either attended the event wearing little more than a loin clothe or performed "Raining Blood" for his key note address:

Neologisms were coined:

Joe the Plumber was there:

He passed on this piece of advice:

Because plumbing is for suckers!

Joe also demonstrated that’s he’s not just a failed media gimmick concocted by a doomed political campaign, but also a complicated man:

He even sold some books!

Vicki McKenna was there, apparently enjoying a Virginia Slim:

Her job was to make reasonable arguments:

And speak in parables:

Other speakers made passionate exhortations to the crowd:

Crowd participation was encouraged:

Then came the big news of the day: Citizens for Responsible Government was going to spend valuable time, resources and energy trying to recall Gov. Doyle:

But the real highlight of the summit was when news that local union members would be protesting the conference:

Finally, the truth came out:

No word on if the author was referring to the schedule or The Times.

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