Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The First "Public Enemies" Trailer (or, This is the Most Important Post in the History of the Chief)

The first trailer for "Public Enemies" is now out. That's basically the first real look the city of Oshkosh has had of the film that was shot here last spring. By my estimation, there five take-away lessons to be gleaned from a cursory viewing. But first, have a look for yourself:

Got that? Here's what I got from that little exercise:
  • The trailer is awesome.
  • The movie looks like it certainly is not going to suck.
  • Johnny Depp looks like he's having a lot of fun playing Dillinger.
  • Marion Cotillard continues to be hot.
And, most importantly,
  • Oshkosh makes it in to possibly four clips -- maybe even more -- in the trailer.
Now, just because I'm feeling particularly anal retentive this evening (and don't mind scooping the Northwestern), here are those clips where I've been able to find them in the trailer (complete with screen captures):

1.) A few of the shots taken just before this frame -- where a bank robber appears to be taking a cop hostage -- may have been taken outside of the First National Bank (I can't tell). But, Oshkosh gets things rolling at around the 0:35 mark with what appears to be a shot from the stairs of the Library out on to Washington Ave.:

2.) Now after the above frame there are a few shots of gangsters riding on the outside of cars that could have been filmed in town, but there's not enough to go on. However, at the 0:44 mark -- and it's been a while -- but that looks like the interior of the First National Bank Building on Main Street:

3.) Airport time! I'm pretty sure the Spirit of St. Louis shots starting at 1:07 were done at Wittman Field here in town:

4.) Bless Michael Mann, he's saved the best shot for last. This is the only frame (at 1:48) I -- and I'm sure anyone who lives in Oshkosh will agree with me -- can unequivocally say without a doubt was filmed in Oshkosh:

That's pretty obviously the New Moon coffee house in the back window of the car, which is something of a coup considering Depp's grin in this frame steals the trailer.

I can't help but think there are a few other shots in the trailer that were taken in Oshkosh, like this one at 0:53:

I just can't pin point where it was taken. This one too -- at 2:07:

But I'm not as confident about it
[see comments].

If you see some thing familiar, feel free to make a note in the comments.

Anyway, moral of the story is that there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the movie, especially for folks around here, who not only get to enjoy all the sex, violence and hyper overloads of testosterone that come with all Michael Mann flicks, but get to geek out on some of the finer points of set construction and location scouting.

Get psyched, Oshkosh.

MORE: Went looking for more on the trailer and found some more stuff of note. First the poster:

That actually looks like downtown Chicago in the background... but I could be wrong.

Next is this still that was definitely taken outside the Bank building on Main Street:

Very cool.

EVEN MORE: After sleeping on it, I'm pretty confident that the still above is probably from the same scene as the frame at 0:53, just from another angle. So chalk another one up to the Water City.


Anonymous said...

The last shot at 2:07, the aerial view, was filmed in Chicago near the Biograph Theater.

Here's a picture from the Chicago setpiece where it was filmed:

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm an Oshkosh native and I'm not convinced that is the New Moon in the background of that one shot...(sorry) I thought it was at first, but I compared it to some pics I took when they were in town for filming.
Unless they changed/took down the awnings above the door that they put up for the filming, changed the sign that was hanging by it,edited in some buildings across the street from it instead of the "billboard signs" they'd put up....not to mention that the building in the trailer frame is clearly taller than the next one down the block, whereas the new moon is actually shorter than the one next to it.

Narhan said...

I'll go further: I'm convinced it's absolutely not the New Moon out the back window in that scene.

More importantly, you missed the scene at 0:14, which appears to be the vault under the First National Bank Building in Oshkosh.

Narhan said...

The scenes at :35-36 and :54 are along Washington Ave., outside the Masonic Temple.