Monday, March 2, 2009

How Liberal/Conservative is the Wisco Congressional Delegation?

Since the chart ranks members of the House from liberal to conservative, that's how we're going to have to roll tonight, so here it goes:
WISCONS D MOORE 24 1346 0.982 7.000
WISCONS D BALDWIN 19 1378 0.986 10.000
WISCONS D OBEY 31 1363 0.977 93.000
WISCONS D KAGEN 40 1364 0.971 155.000
WISCONS D KIND 53 1361 0.961 185.000

WISCONS R PETRI 172 1383 0.876 390.000
WISCONS R RYAN 77 1364 0.944 400.000
WISCONS R SENSENBR 85 1360 0.938 427.000

Hit up the link above for a better idea of just what the hell all of those numbers mean.

MORE: Sorry about this -- this particular post was a nightmare to organize for typesetting reasons, and I'm just realizing a lot is missing from the original version. This all came from Brendan Nyhan, who points to another list by National Journal. Check his post out for more.


JCG said...

The polarization (of the entire ranking) is stark, to say the least. Not one single inter-mingler from either side, just a bright white line between Lampson and Gilchrest (neither of whom survived [politically] to see the current 111th, btw). Although, vigorous partisanship is good in my book - it's the only way bold and meaningful attempts at solutions can be made - so not really complaining about that.

JCG said...

Also, of note (to me), I moved last year from the 47th most conservative member to the 7th most liberal as my rep. What a journey!