Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mary Lazich Endorses a Fringe Crackpot Economic Theory

Lazich is now adopting a talking point currently en vogue among conservative NeoHooverites like Amity Shlaes that "the New Deal, military spending during World War II, eight Japanese stimulus packages during the 1990’s, and the 2008 federal rebate checks, all crafted to rejuvenate slumping economies failed to have the intended results."

Here are two talking men from the television that say otherwise.

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Douglas McCloud said...

Lots of folks from different sides of the aisle correctly surmise that the rise in military type spending in the late 1930's certainly had a positive impact on the economy. The US built a lot of military crap that was sold overseas.

Your wit and wisdom used to be grand reason for reading your posts. You're slippin' of late.

If you disagree with some of the bloggings and articles you link, great. Say why. Snarky, snide comments aren't enough. We don't allow it from students in our classrooms. We challenge them to form thoughts into well reasoned opinions and to defend them. Let us hold ourselves to the same standards.