Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Claims Contrary to Evidence

Take it away, Matthew Continetti:
But today Bush is gone and McCain is back in the Senate. Obama is in charge. And his vision of government has rallied the right. Forget the kerfuffle between Michael Steele and Rush Limbaugh. The fact is that, right now, Steele, Limbaugh, David Brooks, Christopher Buckley, Mike Murphy, and other center-right figures have more in common than not. They share a skepticism of or disappointment in Obama that borders on (or spills over into) outright opposition. And it's reasonable to assume that, as time goes on, the opposition will only grow. Barack Obama is about to accomplish what Bush's second term and McCain's candidacy could not. He's about to reconstitute the right.
And this on a day when:

  • Big Business is unhappy with the GOP
  • Folks are already calling for the RNC Chair's ouster
  • Jobs still need to be filled at GOP HQ
  • Columnists who actually agree with Rush are being shunned for not being vehement enough

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