Tuesday, July 3, 2007


President Bush has done a staggering amount to undo the conservative brand during his time in the White House. The myth of the "small government conservative" has been pretty much vanquished by astronomical increases in spending. The myth that the GOP is strong on national defense is likely to suffer irreparably on account of Iraq. And now it's likely that the "law and order" Republicans (sorry, Fred Thompson) will be a thing of the past with the Scooter Libby commutation (see Mark Murray).

Charles Franklin demonstrates just how unpopular this decision will be.

Mark Thoma reminds the President of a time when "responsibility" was one of his mantras.

Daniel Larison and Andrew Sullivan will be auditioning for the next Lifetime made-for-TV movie "A Conservative Betrayed."

Poilitco features some very weak attempts to spin the decision with the now standard "But Clinton did it!" defense.

(Question for conservatives: How long can this argument work? I mean, if Clinton was so despised by the right, how long can one of your own say, 'Yes, I am acting in accordance to the precedents established by that man we all so loathed...' Is that really what you elected this guy to hear? Does Bush get away with it merely because he's not Clinton?)

And the White House tries to go about business as usual as if the whole thing never happened.

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