Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Republican Math

Via CBS:
...Technically, Mitt Romney can still claim raising the most money this quarter, with $20.5 million. But $6.5 million of that comes in the form of a loan from Romney himself. When it comes to the number that really matters — money raised from donors — Romney's haul falls to $14 million. That’s $9 million less than Romney raised in the first quarter of the year. Two weeks ago, there was buzz that Romney would break George W. Bush's $37 million record for an off-year fundraising quarter, but now it appears that if anyone is going to break that mark, it's going to be a Democrat.
(Emphasis added)

Wait! Run that by me again...

Two weeks ago Romney's supposed to break $37 million, but at the end of the filing period he doesn't even come up with half of that?

How did that rumor get started?

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