Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ideas that will go Nowhere

Shorter Robert Techlow: E.A.A. sucks, sweet corn is tasty.

Techlow doesn't like the crowds, with all of their gawking and their traffic and their strange, foreign ways. He doesn't see much of the economic benefit himself apparently (though -- surprise! -- he's required to work that week), so he'd wish it would just go all away. But if there's one thing that gets him about E.A.A. it's that he can't express himself:

I have to be on the road and deal with these visitors as they watch the sky instead of the road in front of them behind them or along side them during my work day, I hit the horn I get the middle finger and since I drive a company vehicle I am not allowed to respond to it in kind.

Yup, you read that right: he's pissed because he can't flick other people off.

So how does he vent his frustration? By literally praying for the sky to rain down on the rest of the town's parade:

Oh well, I'll deal with it like I have in the past and hope for rain.

Why not kick a few orphans after his rain dance while he's at it?

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