Saturday, July 14, 2007

Round and Round

Kent Monte deserves some accolades for doing some grunt work with regard to the proposed roundabout at the intersection of Murdock and Jackson streets. His post on the matter really is a great example of someone keeping an open mind while delving into an issue -- something that doesn't always happen in the 'Kosh. For those who have not had the pleasure of reading the piece, please do so here -- and while you're at it check out the link Mr. Monte has provided to the K State site on roundabouts: it's pretty good stuff.

All of the traffic and safety issues aside, I like the idea primarily for aesthetic reasons. There really is not a very pleasant point of entry into the city -- especially on the north side -- and a roundabout would give Oshkosh an opportunity to welcome people with either a statue, a fountain, or something like a floral arrangement (in the shape of the "On the Water" wave, perhaps?). The Murdock/Jackson corner is kind of an ideal place to do something like that since it wasn't all that long ago that that stretch of Murdock Street served as sort of a de facto city limit. I don't think it was even thirty years ago that the old fair grounds used to sit where the Pick n' Save now feeds half the town. It's also one of the busiest intersections in town and one that plenty of people travel through on a regular basis.

With a little thought and care that corner has the potential to look impressive.

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