Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let the Kids Play!

The New York Times runs yesterday's story from CQ, which inspires Bill Christofferson to call the idea "wacky" and advise the professors to go spend their time elsewhere. He of the late (and missed, I might add) Xoff Files suggests that the Democrats should get a "serious" opponent to run against Sensenbrenner and not get too wrapped up in the Burkee/Walz sideshow.

But, seriously, why bother?

There hasn't been a "serious" threat to Sensenbrenner pretty much ever in what is without question the most knee-jerk bat-shit conservative district in the state, not there will likely nor be one in the near future. So ...

Let the kids play.

Sensenbrenner can't be dragged through the mud because he's neck high in a pool of his own horse shit already -- and his constituents love him for it. Well, why not get two amiable guys to simply demonstrate just how big of dick the guy actually is? Sensenbrenner has demonstrated time and again that he lacks the requisite degree of shame to be considered a human being -- maybe it's time he be reminded what that most basic of human emotions feels like.

Sensenbrenner is the consummate Washington insider, so inside that he no longer fears appearing to be professional to those he's elected to serve. The contrast between that and two professors on a mission to elevate the debate should, and can, at least succeed in exposing the Congressman -- if not to his constituents, then at least to the rest of the country -- for what he really is: a walking parody of a man in power.

Basically, I'm all about the Burkee/Walz ticket because: (a.) It's asymmetrical warfare in a part of the state where a conventional Democratic party campaign is next to futile. (b.) It's an experiment. I like experiments, and especially when they don't work. And (c.) because I think it has great potential for sticking it to Sensenbrenner, if only in a small way that might result in him getting some jocoserious ribbing at the hands of his GOP colleagues back on the DC cocktail circuit.

And let's not forget the all important reason (d.): In essence, this is a Democratic campaign. Burkee, the Republican professor, will never ever ever never ever ever never ever never never ever ever ever ever never ever ever never ever beat Sensenbrenner in a GOP primary as a moderate Republican in the 5th district. Never. Ever.

If Christofferson's wants a more "serious" opponent, let's start hearing some names and let's get down to some recruiting. But so long as Waukesha County is, well, Waukesha County, this is probably the best option available.

Other news outlets to have picked up on the story: the Janseville Gazette, the Huffington Post, and these two guys.

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