Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who Needs Coldplay?

Brian Beutler compiles a list of all the bands playing at Live Earth, of which there appears to be something for everyone (unless you're into, say, Scandanavian death metal). He's got just about the entire line-up and which of the six venues (one on every continent) each act will be playing, but he missed the piece de resistance: a five member "indie rock-folk fusion" act made up of Antarctic scientists at the Rothera Research Station.
They’ve never played in front of an audience. To make matters worse, the band, named after a Greenlandic word for “summit,” will be playing outside on the ice, where temperatures could be as low as minus ten degrees Celsius.
I, for one, think this makes them more hard core than any Scandanavian death metal band, whatever the hell their name is.

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