Tuesday, July 12, 2011

David VanderLeest is being Followed!!!

He may be dead in the water, but, boy, does VanderLeest put out some awesome press releases:
Once again I have been a victim of theft. Last night my car was broken into, window broke, etc. My Computer was stolen along with the list of recall circulators. My bet is, it was the thugs that have been tailing me with Illinois plates for the last three weeks. This is just one man's opinion. This is the second break in. I was a victim once during the recall, and now again during the campaign. [sic.]
Wow. This is just wonderful stuff. Thugs with Illinois plates? What an evocative image!

Technically speaking, the first "break-in" didn't actually target VanderLeest, but the Recall Hansen office; but it's still interesting that this guy seems to always have his lists stolen in rather dramatic break-ins a couple of days before some deadline or event.

Note how the the press release doesn't mention anything about a police report being filed.

TOTALLY UNRELATED ASIDE: This bit in a recall primer by Abe Sauer in the Atlantic:

District 2 Democratic Primary: Nancy Nusbaum vs. protest candidate Otto Junkerman to face Republican Senator Robert Cowles.

Trivia: A one-term Republican state representative in the 1980s, octogenarian Otto C. Junkerman called the police on his own son for drug use. Junkerman's wife promptly divorced him.

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