Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Must be a Full Moon

Man, what a weird fucking day.

The returns are rolling in from Scott Fitzgerald's $500,000 Fake Primaries and it looks like the whole ordeal was a pointless as it was from the very beginning, despite a concerted effort on the part of the GOP to fuck with the Dems.

How to interpret the returns is anyone's guess. The closest race was in the 10th where Shelley Moore seems to be holding off Isaac Weix. This is also the district with the highest volume of voters and by a long shot. Unfortunately, that district is on the other side of the state from we here at the Chief, so it's hard to say too much about it. What we do know is that Weix ran for the Assembly in 2010, so all he had to do was pull his old campaign out of the mothballs and dust off some of his residual name recognition and he was off to a good start. The same can't be said anywhere else.

The lowest voter volume was about 20,000 ballots, which is enormous. Coincidentally, there were also six senate primaries last fall, but the vote totals weren't as consistent: ~32,700, ~14,700, ~12,800, ~17,200, ~13,100, ~22,100. So despite the fact that these elections are being held in the middle of summer, more people are voting this time around than last. That's either a testament to the various get out the vote drives being waged, the awareness of the voters or a combination of the two.

Given the deluge of advertising the state's in for in the next month, it's entirely possible (albeit unlikely) that we could see some districts cross the 100,000 ballots cast threshold, which would be extraordinary.

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